Develop a three-paragraph essay with the following thesis statement and outline (a take-home assignment)

INI TUGAS AKHIR WRITING III saya, monggo dilihat…

Women’s right problem was growing in many southern European societies. Many people thought that men have the major position than the women’s position in the society. That because the women was restricted with many kind of things in their daily life. It is not often realized that women held a high place in southern European societies in the 10th and 11th centuries.
As a wife, the women was protected by the setting up of a dowry or decimum. The purpose from that the setting up was to protect the woman against the risk of desertion. But, in reality the function of the dowry in the social and family life of the time was much more important than it. For example, the decimum was the wife’s right to receive a tenth of all her husband’s property. And also, the wife had the right to with hold consent, in all transactions the husband would make. But it more than just a right: the documents show that she enjoyed a real power of decision, equal to that of her husband. However, in no case do the documents indicate any degree of difference in the legal status of husband and wife. The wife shared in the management of her husband’s personal property, but the opposite was not always true. Therefore, women seemed perfectly prepared to defend their own inheritance against husband who tried to exceed their rights, and occasion they showed a fine fighting spirit.
One of the similar case in point is that of Maria Vivas, a Catalan woman of Barcelona. She was having agreed with her husband, Miro, to sell a field she had inherited, for the needs of household, she insisted on compensation. With none being offered, she succeeded in dragging her husband to the scribe to have a contract duly drawn up assigning her a piece of land from Miro’s personal inheritance. Still, the unfortunate husband was obliged to agree, as the contract says, “for the sake of peace”. And then, either trough the dowry or through being hot-tempered, the Catalan wife knew how to win herself, within the context of the family, a powerful economic position.

Name : Nila Kusuma Wati
Class : III B
NIM : E1D 011 052


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